Individuals & Couples

Appointments are 50 minutes. I am flexible to be able to offer longer sessions (75 minutes) to accommodate busy lifestyles or hectic travel schedules.  Some people find increased benefit in longer, concentrated sessions.

I am an out-of-network provider for the major insurance companies.  Many of my clients use their insurance.  Here’s how it works — you pay me my full fee at the time of the appointment.  I will give you a receipt and you turn that into your insurance company.  Your insurance company will send reimbursement directly to you.  If you want to know more specifics (how much will I be reimbursed, do I have to meet a deductible, etc.) — call your insurance company.   They can explain exactly how it will work, based upon your specific policy.

During times of inclement weather or travel difficulties, your sessions can be moved from my office to Skype or phone, if you find that a convenience.

Please discuss any of these options with me to find out more details and see what’s best for you.

Couple’s Relationship Check-up – 90 Minute Session

This is a highly focused 90-minute session for you and your partner.  I administer 3 powerful relationship tests to help you and your significant other: (1) to understand your personality traits that are strengths – but can also cause conflict, (2) to get a handle on your style of conflict resolution which is key as to why it may be hard to discuss/resolve issues, (3) to determine your secret language that helps you feel most loved.

I will teach the 5-Stage Model of Marriage and  help each couple understand the results of their relationship style.

This session is appropriate for couples who feel their relationship is rock solid — or on sandy soil — or on a slippery slope.  In other words, any couple could benefit from these assessments.  It’s  a great way to pinpoint areas for improvement — and to build upon areas where there’s already a good foundation.


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