Questions & Answers

Q: Will you tell me what to do?

No – only you can decide what is best for you, including what you will and won’t do. I will support you so that you are able to find the answers within yourself — to even the most difficult questions. My approach helps you to feel understood and encouraged – so that together we untangle the complexity of your emotions so to create a clearing for clarity..

Q: Why can’t I do this on my own?

If you’re at my website, you might have tried to solve things yourself and it’s not going as planned. My experience is that it can be easier to work things out with the support of a counselor. If you’re not sure that you need additional help right now, feel free to sign up for my newsletter and the free report 7 Strategies to Soothe Stress. I’ll be here now – and later – whenever it’s right for you.

Q: How long is a session and what’s your fee?

I provide a 50-minute clinical hour.  If you are late for a session, my ending time does not change.

Please call to discuss my fee.  I re-evaluate my rates every 1-2 years and advise clients the month in advance if there is a change.

Q: Do you work with Couples?

Yes, I see Couples who need help in their marriage or relationship.  I may also see each person individually, as well, to strengthen the Couples work.  The details of how I work with each couple will be tailored for the problems you are having.  We’ll discuss the best way to move forward after the initial consultation.

Q: Can I work with you over phone or Skype?

I typically see clients in my office but I realize there might be travel or scheduling difficulties that don’t always make that possible. We can assess that together and work out a schedule and venue that seems right.

Q: How do I know if my sessions will be covered by my insurance?

It is important to check with your insurance carrier to understand your coverage — perhaps even before you start the process of finding the right counselor for you. Many insurance plans have high deductibles and often require that the deductible be reached before any coverage for mental health treatment is covered. These are the questions you should ask:

  • What are my mental health benefits?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?
  • How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network provider?
  • Is pre-approval required from my primary care physician?

Q: Do you accept a Health Savings Account (HSA) VISA/Mastercard to pay for services?

Yes – I take all major credit cards, including those associated with an HSA.

Q: How long will therapy take?

I really wish I had the perfect answer to that question. Each person is different. After we meet, I’ll have a better idea of that and, of course, we can discuss it at any time during the counseling process.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

Each situation is different. I feel blessed to witness true change happening in people’s lives.  Smiles becoming brighter – fear waning  — love growing – pain fading – confidence building – careers flourishing  — families growing closer — depression lifting — and hope returning.

Q: What’s my next step?

If you’re ready to connect — call me today at 716.471.6060 or make an appointment on my scheduler. If you’re not ready yet – just hang out for a while, sign up for my free report, 7 Strategies to Soothe Stress and read my receive my newsletter, Peace of Mind. Allow yourself the time and space to see if there’s a connection. I’ll be here whenever you’re ready.


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